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Receiving lots of emails sucks. Increase your efficiency by highlighting those you care about

  • Email Categories

    Divide your past and upcoming emails into multiple groups based on your needs

  • Multi-Device Synchronization

    Your well defined email groups can now be anywhere, for free. 

  • Greater Satisfaction

    Dwebox can be used for personal purposes as well as for customer relationship management. 

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Read the most important emails first and start your day with more efficiency

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Give your emails a structure and make them easy to read

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No Chaos No Stress

Achieve better results when we make order in an undefined chaos

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Dwebox Use Cases

Let us give you some ideas on how you can use our amazing tool
Small, Medium & Large Offices
When you need to quickly determine from which department an email came from
Educational Institutions
Can be used to differentiate Staff & Student emails and offer faster support
Customer Service
Answer your customer complaints & enquiries faster to win their heart
People with Important or Special Needs
Because seeing their email earlier will make your day more beautiful
Bills & Other Personal
Manage your email bills better than ever before
Stop Hackers
Help those you care about to recognise between legitimate emails and those sent by hackers with bad intentions.
When Emails Take Over Your Life
Let us make order in your emails and live your life STRESS FREE

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